Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

We guarantee very competitive rates compared to large-scale therapy registries.  Please contact us today for a quote.

Do you have an introductory rate?

Yes!  On the first day of coverage by a PRPT therapist, we reduce our rate by 10% for the day.  We are confident you will want to use us again!

Do you reduce your rates for long-term coverage?

Need coverage for a maternity leave or long sabbatical?  If our therapist works a minimum of 120 hours over a 30-day period in your clinic, we will adjust your hourly rate by 5%.  That can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings for your clinic.

What are your minimum coverage hours?

PRPT will accept coverage for a minimum of four (4) hours.  Any scheduled days that fall below the 4 hour minimum will be billed for 4 hours of work.

What is the difference between a half and a full day of coverage?

A half day of coverage is a minimum of 4 hours of work and is designated as the time period prior to, or following, the regularly scheduled lunch break or 1:00, unless otherwise approved by PRPT.
A full day of coverage is a minimum of 6 hours of work and is designated as any day scheduled to be in duration of 6 hours or more and/or is scheduled across the 1:00 time frame, unless otherwise approved by PRPT.

What is your cancellation policy?

PRPT requires written notice at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled date of coverage for all cancellations or reductions in schedule from a full to a half day.  Failure to notify us in time will result in a charge of 4 hours for a scheduled half day and 6 hours for a scheduled full day.

Will you always send the same therapist to my clinic?

Understanding that consistency is important to you and your patients, we do our best to send the same therapist during our coverage at your clinic. In the event our schedules conflict or overlap and we need to send a different therapist to your clinic, we will always provide advance notice. Communicating with our clients is of paramount importance to PRPT, so you will always be in the loop.

Do you have experience using computerized documentation programs?

We currently work with clinics that use WebPT and Clinicient.  We also acknowledge that many clinics have their own computerized documentation programs.  If we are not familiar with your program, we will be happy to come in for a brief tutorial prior to our coverage date whenever possible.