Information for Our Clients and Potential Clients

We at Platinum Rehab value our Clients’ trust greatly. We also understand how important it is for you to have only the best Orthopedic Physical Therapists at your clinic. We have a rigorous employment application process and very high expectations of our therapists. We only employ therapists with hands-on experience in outpatient settings. We understand that your patients’ progress and wellbeing are your primary concerns when using a per-diem therapist. Our clinicians strive to maintain consistency for your patient by following your protocol closely and progressing the plan of care when appropriate.

Our Services

Platinum Rehab therapists have ample experience developing care plans that include:

  • Therapeutic Exercise & Stabilization Programs
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Soft Tissue & Joint Mobilizations
  • Balance, Gait, & Transfer Training
  • Sports Specific Training & Biomechanical Analysis
  • Work Hardening
  • Postural Education & Body Mechanics
  • Therapeutic Modalities
  • Taping
  • Home Exercise Programs

Client Incentives

We offer the following incentives to our Clients:

  • Before we ever lay a hand on your patients, we will come to your clinic, meet you and your staff, and familiarize ourselves with your facility, your daily routine, and your documentation or computerized charting system. This is at no cost to our Clients.
  • On our first day of work at your clinic, you will receive a 10% reduction of our hourly rate.  We’re confident that once you use our services, you will want to use us for all of your therapist staffing needs.
  • If we work at your clinic for a minimum of 120 hours in a 30 day period, you will receive a 5% discount of our hourly rate.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information, or contact us to schedule a free consultation at your clinic. We look forward to serving you!